We are ready to assist you and your pet!

We pride ourselves on having a friendly, seasoned veterinary staff who believe preventive health care is the foundation of keeping your pet healthy and happy.

At Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital, our general practitioners and technical staff get to know each patient with a thorough physical exam and by listening to you about any changes in your pet’s wellbeing since your last visit. Next, we will recommend any diagnostics or treatment based on your pet’s individual needs. Lastly, we will work with you to design a healthcare plan that is best for your pet and provide guidance in how to follow that plan at home and in the future.

Wellness care at Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital is special, because our clinicians have daily contact with board-certified specialists. This collaborative relationship allows us to focus on comprehensive, cohesive medicine, benefiting your pet and aiding our ability to communicate quickly and efficiently about complex medical problems.