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Our Core Veterinary Services

From routine annual checkups to dental care, breeding consultations, daytime emergency care and more, Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital aims to offer all of the veterinary services your pet needs to remain healthy and happy. 

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Vaccinations & Prevention

Prevent a wide variety of common diseases, disorders and conditions using routine vaccinations and parasite prevention. 

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Routine Exams

Prioritize your pet's long-term health and well-being with prevention and proactive treatment through regular checkups.

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Dental Care

Find comprehensive preventive and restorative dental care, from cleanings to surgeries. 

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Urgent Care

Contact our veterinary team for immediate urgent veterinary care all throughout our regular hours.

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Encourage your senior pet's comfort and health well into their old age with physical exams and proactive treatments. 

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Puppies & Kittens

Find the highest quality of veterinary care and guidance throughout your puppy or kitten's first year of life.

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Breeding & Reproduction Services

Breeding consultations and services including reproductive planning, artificial insemination and more.

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& Lab

We use diagnostic tests and tools to accurately diagnose your pet's medical conditions and tailor treatment plans to their needs.

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Cold Lasers

Cold laser therapy can help your pet during their recovery and promotes their healing

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Internal Medicine

Get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for your pet's internal medicine condition.

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Avian & Exotic Pets

We care for exotic pets such as birds, reptiles, and small mammals like rabbits and rodents.

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Diagnostics & Lab

We perform lab tests and X-rays on-site, so we can choose the best course of care for your pet.

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  • Breeding & Reproductive Services

    At Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Mohr  is able to offer expert dog & cat breeding consultations and services, including reproductive planning and artificial insemination.   Book An Appointment Dog & Cat Breeding Services Our team of vets knows the financial investment and personal dedication that is required when it comes to ...
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  • Health Certificates For Travel

    When preparing for travel, your schedule is sure to be packed, especially if you're planning on bringing a pet with you. At Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians are able to help you get the Travel Health Certificate your dog or cat requires to join you on your journey.  Request Appointment Travel With Your P...
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  • Pet Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention

    Our veterinary team can help to protect your Capitola dog or cat from a wide variety of disorders and diseases with routine vaccinations and parasite prevention treatments. Book An Appointment Protection & Prevention At our Capitola veterinary clinic, we take a focus on preventive medicine to stop co...
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  • Cat & Dog Wellness Exams

    Routine exams offered by the vets at Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital focus on preventive care for your dog or cat throughout their life. These routine exams are pet checkups that help us to make sure that your pet remains in good health.  Book An Appointment  The Importance of Preventive Care Routine wellness exams are critical to helping yo...
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  • Emergency Veterinary Care

    At Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital, we are here to help your pet in urgent situations. Our emergency pet hospital provides this service during our regular clinic hours. Contact Us Daytime Emergency Care Contact Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital View Hours Call: [S...
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  • Veterinary Dentist & Dental Surgery

    The veterinary dentist team at Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital is here to provide restorative and preventive pet dental health care and surgical procedures for dogs and cats.  Book An Appointment Comprehensive Cat & Dog Dental Care  Routine pet dental care is a critical part of your cat or dog's oral and overall health. Unfortunately, mo...
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  • Geriatric Care for Pets

    The Capitola veterinary team is here to provide your senior cat or dog with comprehensive geriatric care in order to help them feel as comfortable as possible well into their old age.  Book An Appointment Geriatric Care for Senior Dogs & Cats In order to help your pet to maintain a good quality of life as they g...
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  • Puppy & Kitten Veterinary Care

    Our Capitola vets provide guidance, advice, and the highest quality of veterinary care during your puppy or kitten's critical first year of life. Book An Appointment Care for Puppies & Kittens Bringing home a new kitten or puppy is an exciting time for you and your household. Your new cute, cuddly and loving fam...
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  • Veterinary Internal Medicine in Capitola

    Our veterinary team in Capitola offers accurate diagnosis and treatment options for various cat and dog internal medical conditions, from brain disorders to immune system issues. Book An Appointment  Diagnosis & Treatment of Internal Conditions In veterinary internal medicine, we treat illnesses, conditions, dis...
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  • Avian & Exotic Pets

    At Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital, our team is proud to be able to treat exotic pets including reptiles and amphibians, birds and small mammals from Capitola and surrounding areas. Book An Appointment  Care for Birds, Reptiles & Mammals in Capitola At Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital, we are proud to be able to provide your exo...
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  • Cold Laser Therapy

    Our veterinarians use cold laser therapy as a non-invasive treatment option for painful inflammatory conditions in dogs, cats, and other pets in the Capitola area. Book An Appointment  What is Cold Laser Therapy? Cold laser therapy is an innovative therapeutic treatment that has only grown in popularity as veterinar...
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Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Capitola companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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